6 Signs That You're a Daily Money Manager

6 Signs That You’re a Daily Money Manager

Karen Caccavo Daily Money Managers, Paperwork Organizing

I’m Karen R. Caccavo, and I’m a Daily Money Manager (also called a financial organizer).  I woke up recently with an earworm that I couldn’t shake.  What was the tune stuck in my head?  Aha!  It was the music on hold for E*Trade!  After all, the day before, it was my soundtrack for 45 minutes while waiting for a live …

Being disorganized is expensive

Being Disorganized is Expensive!

Karen Caccavo Getting organized, Paperwork Organizing

Are you disorganized?  Have you considered investing in assistance from a financial organizer / daily money manager or another type of professional organizer?   When weighing the cost of professional services, be sure to put into the equation the cost of NOT getting the help you need. Being disorganized costs you BIG. Surprise!  Being disorganized carries a big price tag, in …

Is there such a thing as TOO organized?

Can You Be TOO Organized?

Karen Caccavo Paperwork Organizing, Working with Seniors

“Too organized?” I don’t hear it often from clients or prospective clients who reach out to Personal Money Manager™.  But occasionally over the last 12 years I’ve heard:  “Maybe I’m too organized.”  This stops me in my tracks.  After all, if someone is TOO organized why would they be calling me for professional organizing assistance? Clearly, “too organized” (if there …

Looking closely at vital documents

Document Vital Information

Karen Caccavo Important Documents, Living Independently, Organize my finances

I’m a financial organizer / daily money manager.  I help clients manage their financial paperwork.  In my previous career as an insurance broker, I learned the importance of documenting client needs and information, and I use that experience in my work with senior clients. Now more than ever my senior clients need the support of another set of eyes or …

Illustrates using ideas or inspirations as springboards for improvement

Twenty Ideas for 2020

Karen Caccavo decluttering, Financial Organizing, Paperwork Organizing

Whether or not you make New Year’s Resolutions, here is a list of fresh ideas (not resolutions!) to inspire you as we enter a new year and new decade. Feel free to pick and choose the ones that appeal to you and edit them to better fit where you are right now. Please let Personal Money ManagerSM know if you …

As a financial organizer, I keep both the big picture and the details in focus at all times. It's a balancing act.

The Big Picture and the Details

Karen Caccavo Daily Money Managers, Financial Organizing, Important Documents, Paperwork Organizing, Working with Clients

As a financial organizer / daily money manager, I keep both the big picture and the details in focus at all times.  It’s a balancing act that’s essential to doing the job well. In a typical month-end client visit, I and my client open and review the bank statement. Using this as a jumping-off point, here’s how I zoom in …