Practicing yoga and organizing your paperwork have a lot in common.

Yoga and Organizing: Making the Connection

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Readers of this blog know that I enjoy making connections between my work as a financial organizer / daily money manager and the other seeming disparate parts of my life—like “mommy” to a new kitten and keeper of a sourdough starter.  (For more, explore the “Life Lessons” category on my blog).  In this post, I explore the connection between yoga …

To minimize capital gains taxes on the sale of your house, you need to organize your paperwork.

After Selling Your Home, the Paperwork Begins

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You’ve sold your house, packed up, and the moving van is pulling out of the driveway – whew!  But the tax-related paperwork associated with selling your home has just begun. While it’s fresh in your mind, get a head start now on gathering the papers you’ll need for next year’s tax return.  No need to wait until April 15th! In …