“Karen is an important part of the planning team.” Neil R. Lubarsky, Esq., Neil R. Lubarsky & Associates, Westchester Co., NY

Has a client engagement bogged down because your client is disorganized? Does a client have more needs than you want to handle on an ongoing basis? You might not have the time or interest to hand-hold a senior client or search their home for information and documents you need. It’s not the best use of your time and expertise.

These are exactly the types of tasks we take on as financial organizers /  daily money managers.

You and your clients might not know that there is a category of professionals who specialize in the necessary but often overwhelming and tedious job of putting together the information other trusted advisors need to do their important work.

We work with your clients and their families to facilitate the flow of information that you need to:

  • Create a financial plan
  • Create an estate plan
  • Settle an estate
  • File taxes
  • Conduct an insurance review
  • Help a client downsize, move, or age in place
  • Prepare a Medicaid application
  • Set up and manage a  Medicaid Pooled Income Trust

When a client or their family asks if you can assist with their paperwork on an on-going basis, you don’t have to say “no.”  Now you can say, “I don’t do it myself, but I can refer you to someone trustworthy who does.”

If you or your clients are located in Westchester County or Rockland County (New York); Northern New Jersey; or in Manhattan, we can work together. We can help speed up the flow of information you need from your clients. You are always in the loop and remain the point person for the work at hand.

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