“Who is Karen? She is my lifesaver.”JTH, age 80

Is the option to use an outside professional to assist or take on your paperwork and financial tasks new to you? Are you hesitant about asking for help doing tasks you’ve always handled yourself?

We understand. If you are like our clients, you value your independence but are also looking for ways to simplify and save time.

Maybe you need assistance to keep up with routine paperwork. Or, you simply choose not to spend your valuable time dealing with mail and the necessary follow up.

Perhaps you or a trusted friend or family member have always been able to handle the daily paperwork and occasional bigger financial decisions. But life changes, people get busy, other priorities take over. These important tasks get neglected. There are decisions to make about household services, insurance, taxes, Social Security, and estate planning. Would life be easier if you had someone by your side helping you make those decisions? Someone with a sense of humor who won’t pass judgment?

Be prepared for the unexpected by having a confidential and experienced financial organizer / daily money manager working for you.

If you live in Westchester County or Rockland County (New York); in Northern New Jersey; or in Manhattan, we can help.

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