April 15th is the Usual Tax Return Deadline -- but not in 2020!

Tax Time Lessons Learned

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In the middle of tax time in 2020 — my 13th tax season as a financial organizer / daily money manager — I find that working with a client to organize their tax documents and information can provide a great learning experience for both of us.* “Tax time?” you ask.  “Hasn’t that been put on hold?’  Yes, but while July …

To minimize capital gains taxes on the sale of your house, you need to organize your paperwork.

After Selling Your Home, the Paperwork Begins

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You’ve sold your house, packed up, and the moving van is pulling out of the driveway – whew!  But the tax-related paperwork associated with selling your home has just begun. While it’s fresh in your mind, get a head start now on gathering the papers you’ll need for next year’s tax return.  No need to wait until April 15th! In …

Jump Into Your Taxes

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Ready to take the leap? Start with setting up a 2017 Taxes file. Yes, you read that right. Start on next year’s taxes now! (Of course, have a bin ready for your 2016 tax documents as they arrive. Put it right next to where you put arriving mail.) While it’s tempting to stop there, I urge you to soldier on! …