My daily management and financial organizing services are tailored to each client’s needs and preferred ways of doing things. If there are needs beyond my skills and experience, I readily refer clients to a wide range of other trusted service providers.

Here is a sampling of the types of services I provide clients, their families, and/or their trusted advisors:

  • Open and sort mail, determine and carry out the appropriate next steps.
  • De-clutter and create/update filing systems, identifying what to shred or discard (with the guidance of your attorney or CPA, as appropriate).
  • Review and pay bills. Question or contest unclear or incorrect billing and fees.
  • Establish auto-pay and direct deposit where appropriate.
  • Create a bill-paying calendar and lists to identify auto-pays, vendors, contact information, etc. for easy reference.
  • Coordinate with trusted advisors and provide them with the information and paperwork they need in their work on behalf of our shared client.
  • If requested, accompany clients on visits to their trusted advisors (financial planner, attorney, CPA), to take notes and ask questions on their behalf.
  • Locate and organize important documents and key household, financial, and legal information, helping fill in any “gaps” that may exist, for family and fiduciaries.
  • Keep an eye on home maintenance needs; connect and communicate with service providers and monitor their activity and invoices.
  • Manage insurance claims (property, medical, long term care).
  • Refer/introduce clients to additional services to improve their quality of life and encourage their independence.
  • Provide an extra set of eyes to spot and avoid potential problems before they develop.
  • Provide “boots on the ground” support to family members and fiduciaries.
  • Develop with clients “to do” goals appropriate to their wishes and abilities.
  • Identify and apply for a wide range of benefits (such as property tax exemptions, senior discounts and perks, and unclaimed funds).