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Twenty Ideas for 2020

Karen Caccavo decluttering, Financial Organizing, Paperwork Organizing

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Whether or not you make New Year’s Resolutions, here is a list of fresh ideas (not resolutions!) to inspire you as we enter a new year and new decade.

Feel free to pick and choose the ones that appeal to you and edit them to better fit where you are right now.

Please let Personal Money ManagerSM know if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like assistance when it comes to implementation.

  1. Start with a vision — How do I want my financial life / this room / my desk to be?
  2. Write a “master” to-do list.  Write down everything—then set priorities.
  3. Set a timer – you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!
  4. Get a cross-cut shredder with a capacity that best fits your needs.
  5. Label items and their “homes” so everything gets put back where it belongs.
  6. Have a working follow-up system and use it.
  7. Have a “landing strip” for your daily mail – and empty it by day’s end.
  8. Check your credit report – for free!
  9. Check out and enroll your living will and other directives online for accessibility.  It’s a free service for Rockland County, NY residents through United Hospice of Rockland.
  10.  Have a system for recording your passwords and a plan to change them regularly.
  11.  Add a new healthy habit to your life (it takes 21 days for it to “stick”).
  12.  Take notes wherever you go.  There’s always lots to learn (but easy to forget).
  13.  Keep bound notebooks rather than little stickies.
  14.  Be generous with the 3 I’s: Invitations, Information, and Introductions.  An example of “information”:  Share this list with a colleague.
  15.  Simplify – With on-line banking, autopay, action files, and more (or less).
  16.  Keep the “best of the best” and let the rest go.
  17.  Keep one, and only one, calendar.
  18.  Develop a “golden Rolodex” – be the “go to” person in your circle.  Make sure to include Personal Money ManagerSM !
  19.  The most important things are not “things” at all.  Remind yourself with an example from your life.  Here’s one from a client of mine.
  20.  Experience the joy of a clear desk or de-cluttered room.  I’m happy to help you get there!

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