As a financial organizer, my objective is to bring more ease and order to my clients' lives.

Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Make a Difference

Karen Caccavo Daily Money Managers, Financial Organizing, Living Independently, Working with Seniors

As financial organizer / daily money manager, my objective is to bring more ease and order — to make a difference — in my clients’ lives. I achieve this in a variety of ways.

Where do I start?

I often start by tackling the big issues that are making life difficult for a client.  Erratic bill-paying? I create a system so bills are scrutinized and paid on time. Piles of important papers on every surface?  Install a workable home filing system.

Sometimes, I need to get the big picture on a client’s income, expenses, and financial holdings for estate planning purposes. If a spouse passes away, I must do this very quickly.

What other changes can help support independence?

But my home visits also include small “fixes” and “tweaks” that can make a difference in people’s lives.  I’ve  learned many of these over my 10-plus years in business.  My work with seniors helps them stay independent and reduces stress on their families.

What are some of the smaller things that help me achieve this objective?  Most are really quite simple.  But they take another set of eyes, knowledge of community resources, and the time and patience of an experienced, client-focused financial organizer to make them happen.

What are some of the “little things” that make a difference?

 Here are just 6 of what I call “the little things” that I find help bring ease and order into clients’ lives–sometimes with a financial bonus.  Maybe they can help you, too.

  1. Set up a service that blocks telemarketing calls and potentially fraudulent junk calls.
  1. Request free annual credit reports—and review them for accuracy when they arrive.
  1. Consolidate and keep up-to-date key information—such as
    • family and household contacts (for the client and to share with their family/friends if they desire);
    • auto-debits on a billing calendar;
    • prescription information (ask the pharmacy for a list); and more, as appropriate.
  1. Apply for free directory assistance with their telephone carrier if they are eligible.
  1. Request check images from the bank to be included with monthly checking account statements.
  1. Check state-specific unclaimed funds websites (New York State; New Jersey) to see if there is forgotten money waiting for them.

Each of my clients, of course, has their own needs, desires and challenges.  But whether I am helping in a big or small way, providing the helping hand, as needed, is gratifying:  I always get a heartfelt thanks for making a difference!