Financial paperwork is no laughing matter. People must get it done. But the best way to get it done is to have some fun doing it.

Financial Paperwork — Get it Done, With Belly Laughs

Karen Caccavo Working with Clients

No question about it, the financial paperwork that accumulates on my clients’ desks and kitchen tables—from tax documents to medical bills—is no laughing matter.  It all has to be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also have fun.  As a financial organizer, I get my best results by actively engaging clients in the process, and making the …

You never know what adventures and opportunities await you.

Lessons From a New Kitten

Karen Caccavo Life Lessons

There is nothing like a new kitten to lighten things up and provoke a smile or two.  That’s what I found when my family adopted Rosie Mittens two years ago.  And since I have a home office, the furry bundle of joy follows me into my financial organizing workplace.  Little did I know that her most endearing characteristics could be …

Practicing yoga and organizing your paperwork have a lot in common.

Yoga and Organizing: Making the Connection

Karen Caccavo desk organizing, Life Lessons, Paperwork Organizing

Readers of this blog know that I enjoy making connections between my work as a financial organizer / daily money manager and the other seeming disparate parts of my life—like “mommy” to a new kitten and keeper of a sourdough starter.  (For more, explore the “Life Lessons” category on my blog).  In this post, I explore the connection between yoga …