You never know what adventures and opportunities await you.

Lessons From a New Kitten

Karen Caccavo Life Lessons, On the lighter side

There is nothing like a new kitten to lighten things up and provoke a smile or two.  That’s what I found when my family adopted Rosie Mittens two years ago.  And since I have a home office, the furry bundle of joy follows me into my financial organizing workplace.  Little did I know that her most endearing characteristics could be models for human success and happiness.

Here is some wisdom Rosie Mittens has imparted to Personal Money Manager.  I’m  sharing it here so you can, if you choose, use it to enhance both your personal and work lives — with a smile on your face!

Be curious.

After all, Rosie IS a cat and curiosity is her birthright.  Need I say more?

Stretch and grow.

You never know what opportunities and adventures await!

Reach out and make connections.

Mr. Grumpy Cat, who also shares my house, has made it clear that he is NOT interested in making a new friend.  I am not sure whether she is clueless (not picking up on his feline body language) or just eternally hopeful, but that doesn’t stop Rosie and neither does the occasional hissing directed her way.  I’m sure whether you are meeting a client for the first time or joining a new networking group, you will have an easier time of it than Rosie has.  So take a risk:  try something new and give it time.

Don’t forget to laugh.

I have to admit that, in the case of Rosie, I am laughing at her, not with her.  But I’m confident that if she COULD laugh, we would be sharing a chuckle.  We all do important work.  Wouldn’t our days, and those of our clients, go much better if we shared a few belly laughs?

Do you have a four-legged friend who inspires you and puts a smile on your face when you are most in need of it?  Do your senior clients have animal companions that bring affection and the feeling of being needed into their lives?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!