Bring that back-to-school energy to your financial organizing

Bring that Back-to-School Energy to Your Financial Organizing

Karen Caccavo Financial Organizing, Organizing Tips

Feel the energy and anticipation of the back-to-school season?  After a long lazy summer, change is in the air!  (And regular readers know that I enjoy any excuse to “hit the refresh button” when it comes to my specialty, financial organizing / daily money management).  So what is it about autumn back-to-school time that can inspire your financial organizing?  Here are some thoughts:

Be open to learning and improving.

Isn’t that what school (and life!) is all about?  If you’re looking to finally organize your paperwork, start learning new skills and developing new habits, even if that feels uncomfortable at first.  It’s OK to feel unsure of yourself when trying something new.

Reinvent yourself.

Remember the thrill of entering a new classroom?  The opportunity to make a good impression on classmates and a teacher you are meeting for the first time?  Leave behind the baggage and that little voice saying “I can’t do it”, “I’m always late”, “Nothing will change.”  Make a new refreshed-by-vacation impression on co-workers, colleagues, clients, or yourself.

Let fresh supplies inspire you.

There’s nothing like the smell of a new notebook and newly-sharpened pencils to get the creative juices going.  Treat yourself.  But be aware that new supplies alone are not a panacea. Even necessities can become clutter if you over-buy.  If you do, why not bring extras to a local non-profit that provides school supplies to children in need? (Or plan ahead to share the bounty.) look out for inspiration from unusual sources.

Embrace structure:  it’s your friend.

Deadlines, schedules, and homework may seem unwelcome, but after a lazy summer, they can bring structure to our days, whether or not we are still in school.  Why fight them?  Make structure work for you.  Plan your day’s activities ahead of time.  Setting goals and deadlines for yourself, plus having a place to go every morning—maybe the gym or a short walk–might be just what you need.  Even if you’re retired, a calendar and timer can be your friends and help you get things done.  Financial organizing means no more late bill payments or tax penalties for missed deadlines.

Create a support system to turbocharge your organizing achievements.

At school, teachers, guidance counselors, school mates and study groups facilitate learning.  When you want to successfully organize, reach out and invest in a professional organizer, a financial organizer / daily money manager, an accountability partner or a support group to reach your goals more effectively.  Experiment to find the perfect mix.

Getting into the back-to-school mood now that autumn is in the air?  Or simply happy to see the return of pumpkin ale or pumpkin-spice lattes?  Either way, let this time of year inspire and energize your organizing efforts.


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