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As 2020 draws to a close (do I hear a cheer?), here’s something for those who, when it comes to paperwork organizing, would rather listen than read.

I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the Taxgirl® podcast here.  (Shout out to a colleague and loyal newsletter reader who recommended me to Kelly Phillips Erb, aka Taxgirl® .)

So, this month, plug in your earbuds and listen in.  For those who are loyal to the written word, here are a few highlights from my interview with Kelly on financial / paper organizing:

Kelly’s top paper organizing take-aways:

  • When it comes to organizing your paper, know yourself. Do you do best when important papers are within sight?  Would you rather have a clear surface with everything put away in files?  Work with your “paper personality,” not against it.
  • Reprogram negative self-talk–the tape playing in your head that says you can’t get organized, you are destined to mess up your record-keeping. Start fresh, stay positive.

Karen’s favorite tips on paperwork organizing:

  • Think of your workspace (even if it’s a folding table in the corner) as real estate. The area closest to you is the most expensive real estate.  Use this most valuable space for those items you truly need at your fingertips.  Archive papers (like old tax records) you want to keep but don’t need or want under your nose.  Does this small shift give you more space to breathe?
  • Give papers a “home”- preferably containers (box, bin, basket) with labels. And while you have a label maker in hand, designate a “landing strip” for in-coming mail.

Here are some additional “bonus” tips:

  • Start small (baby steps!), but start today.
  • Always look for ways to simplify. What seems like a good system for handling your paperwork now, may become more difficult to maintain as you age, lose motivation, or worse.
  • Reach out for another set of eyes–and hands–to get things done.
  • Create with an attorney the necessary authority/power of attorney for others to step in and handle your affairs when you are not able. If 2020 taught us anything, it is we never know what the future holds.

Thanks, again, Taxgirl®, for a chance to share with your audience.  And to all, a happy and healthy end to 2020 and start of a new year!  Personal Money Manager will be here with you every step of the way.

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